Learn about employment opportunities for ӣɬ students


Work Study:

  • There are several ways you can earn money while taking classes at ӣɬ.


  • Discover a wealth of great benefits when you participate in cooperative education at ӣɬ.

TOP Program:

  • Talent Opportunity Program, bold commitment to graduates who are knowledgeable, ethical and prepared to achieve.

Education At Work:

  • Education At Work is a non-profit organization that exclusively employs college students to help them earn money to manage the cost of their education, while at the same time gaining the foundational job skills and education needed to compete for 21st century jobs.

Summer Employment Program:

  • The positions are being offered through the Summer Employment Program sponsored by the SC Ministry Foundation in an effort to encourage students to become involved in non-profit organizations. For more information about the Mount’s Summer Employment Program, contact the Career Center via email (career.center@msj.edu) or phone (513-244-4888).