Campus Icons & Traditions


Locate the array of campus icons present on the ӣɬ campus.

Lion Sculpture beside Centennial Field House at ӣɬ

Lion Sculpture

Dynamic; Graceful; Roar!

Located in front of the Centennial Field House stands the dynamic, graceful lion sculpture. Created by famed Cincinnati sculptor , co-sculptor Gina Erardi, and John Cline at  of Cincinnati, Catamount St. Joseph is a bronze statue that is more than twice the size of a mountain lion The Mount intentionally chose a female lion in homage to the University’s foundresses, the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, and its legacy as the first Catholic college for women in the region.

ӣɬ cheerleader with pom poms.

ӣɬ Fight Song

Clap your hands and show your ӣɬ spirit!

Go you lions,
Fight you lions,
Win this game tonight!
We're the best of all the rest, 
the victory's in sight!
Go you lions,
Fight you lions,
Try to raise that score.
For the Blue and gold we’ll fight forever more! ​

St. Joseph Statue in the center of the ӣɬ quad at ӣɬ

St. Joseph Statue

A sacred and celebrated treasure

The statue of our school patron, St. Joseph Statue flanks the Mater Dei Chapel as a central icon standing tall within the ӣɬ Campus Quad. Saint Joseph is well known as the patron saint of fathers, families, workers, especially carpenters, expecting mothers and unborn children.
ӣɬ graduates leaving commencement ceremony awaiting faculty applause outside by Harrington.

Commencement Applause

ӣɬ graduates await a heartfelt, congratulative applause from the hearts and minds who taught them.

At the end of each and every commencement ceremony, graduates await faculty and staff dressed in their own previous graduation regalia, standing to give them a round of applause for students' hard work, dedication, and perserverence to earn an ӣɬ degree. The personalized attention from an ӣɬ classroom experience contributes to graduates' well-rounded development, and lasting relationships with former ӣɬ professors. At the Mount, we care about your success. 

Sisters of Charity Mother House Sign.

Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse

Rich in beauty and history, this special building represents the Mount's heritage. 

Established in 1852, the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati are a legacy of ӣɬ founders who carry out the Gospel of Jesus through service and prayer in the community. Located up the road from campus, the Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse stands tall representing the heritage of ӣɬ. Complete with an Art Room, a cemetary tucked amongst large, shaded trees, an Immaculate Conception Chapel and many more, the Motherhouse holds decades of special tradition that drives the ӣɬ mission. 

ӣɬ students sitting at benches beside ӣɬ Cicada Mural at ӣɬ

Cicada Mural 

Merging science with artistic innovation

Implemented by the ӣɬ Art Guild students, this mural installation draws its inspiration frommany aspects of science, with an entomology focal-point as a cicada design takes the main stage in anticipation of the Brood X arrival. The mural is composed of acrylic paint inspired by a contemporary, street-art style. To learn more about the ӣɬ Art Guild, visit the ӣɬ Renaissance page to get involved!
ӣɬ students walking in motherhouse for a guided tour.

Heritage Walk

Learn about the Sisters of Charity and ӣɬ’s beginnings from the historical figures themselves

During student orientation, all students and guests will be guided on a tour by staff in historical dress to learn about the history and innerworkings behind the Sisters of Charity. You can anticipate a viewing inside the graceful Motherhouse to learn the mission of the Founders from the very beginning of their journey.

students sitting and laughing in fifth third dining hall to take a break from finals during exam jam.

Exam Jam

Anyone up for a late night breakfast meal during finals on campus? Yes, please.

From writing papers to hour-after-hour studying; we get it. Finals are hard. That's why at the end of each semester, the Mount offers a special late-night tradition of serving breakfast from 8-10 p.m. to give students a break from finals. That burger and fries right down the hall with your friends on us on your time might make that last textbook chapter a little more comforting.

ӣɬ Athletic Hall of Fame inductees holding plaques.

Athletic Hall of Fame

During homecoming weekend, the Mount honors those who have helped build ӣɬ athletics.

Housed in the Centennial Fieldhouse, the Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes the achievements of those who helped build the Mount’s strong athletic tradition. Alumni, friends and family are welcome to to take part in the induction ceremony and dinner. 

ӣɬ entrance sign in front of ӣɬ

ӣɬ Entrance Sign

A commanding presence exudes a warm welcome.

Pointing the way for pedestrians and drivers, this sign pays homage to its Founders, the Sisters of Charity. 
ӣɬ letters

ӣɬ Letters

The ӣɬ Letters sculpture—a vibrant and timeless fiberglass artwork by Atomic Specialties, Inc. makes a great photo op! 

Come check out the 6ft tall, 15ft wide ӣɬ Letters on the corner of Neeb Road by the parking garage. Find us on all four @MountStJosephU and share your photos with the new sculpture! #ӣɬLetters

Art Sculpture at ӣɬ

 Art Sculpture

A senior art thesis found a permanent home on campus, standing with asymmetrical, contempororary charm. 

What was once a student project has now found a permanent home on the Mount's campus outside of the Art & Design building. Welded with corten steel to prevent rust, the sculpture was completed by a senior Fine Arts student in the late 1980s as a thesis project. She worked on the piece with her grandfather, who provided oversight as he worked with steel.  Interesting enough, around this time, an administrator proposed it be permanently placed outside of the Art & Design building.
seton fountain

Seton Fountain

A blue basin streaming with tranquil ӣɬ spirit

Upon entering the Seton Center Visitor Lot stands the welcoming, eye-catching fountain brimming peacefully in contrast to its many bustling visitors who walk past it. This decorative life source provides a focal point for pause and reflection, especially during the busy academic year. It's probably no surprise it even attracts a few feathered visitors for a drink throughout the day.