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Make friends. Get involved. Enjoy the spirit of learning at the Mount while enjoying all that campus has to offer.

Welcome to your Home away from Home!

We are excited to welcome you to housing at The Mount where we are committed to providing a safe, and engaging living community that is supportive of your academic and social success.

As the Office of Residence Life, we believe students living on campus benefit from everything the university life has to offer. From being within walking distance of classes and academic resources to making life-long friends. Living in the residence hall will ensure you that you are truly getting “The Mount Experience” Welcome Home!

About Seton Residence Hall

Seton Residence Hall has the capacity to house over 500 students in rooms that range from single and double rooms in traditional corridor-style hallways to suites for two, three, or four residents. All full-time undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to live in the Seton Residence Hall. 


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jetta mccart

A Legacy of Leading

Jetta Mccart, '24

"As a Resident Assistant, living in the dorms is a great experience. It gives me the opportunity to connect with my residents and fellow students. I am able to build community on my floor and be an outlet for residents to reach out to." To read more about Jetta's RA experience, check out her story here.

evan crim photo

A Home Away from Home

Evan Crim, Resident Assistant

"I believe that living on campus is such a great opportunity for students to experience living away from home. I remember my first semester of college living on campus really helped me grow up. I realized that you always have to be cognizant of other people who share the same living area as you. The opportunities of living on campus are endless. You build your own community, create relationships with other residence/staff, and make a home away from home!"

Residence Life Office Contact Information

The Office of Residence Life
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