We issue all official academic and transfer records for current students and alumni. This office maintains course offerings and schedules academic classrooms. Additionally, the Registrar’s Office reports and records grades, certifies degrees and verifies enrollment and graduation applications. The Registrar’s office determines academic honors, certifies VA educational benefits, determines NCAA Division III student athletic eligibility, and updates transfer credits from previous institutions.

The Registrar’s Office also assists the University faculty and administrators by providing student and course data, analysis and recommendations required for policy formation, curriculum planning, program development, and advising in the form of catalogs and course schedules.

Contact Information

Registrar’s Office: 513-244-4621
Email: Registrar@msj.edu

Transcript requests

The Registrar’s Office handles all official transcript requests. To request an official transcript from ӣɬ, visit the transcript requests page.

Digital Diplomas and Certificates

ӣɬ now offers digital diplomas and certificates at no cost to all graduates after August 1, 2022. These are certified electronic credentials known as CeDiploma or CeCertificate. .

ӣɬ Diploma Reorder

Graduates can reorder a paper diploma and/or certificate by completing the Diploma/Certificate Order Form here. Please see the form for details on ordering. Cost of a new diploma or certificate is $25 per document. Please allow 5-7 days for processing after receipt of payment.

Graduates who graduated prior to August 1, 2022, can also order a legacy . These electronic diplomas can be uploaded to social media sites with unlimited sharing and saved as a PDF, but they cannot be printed. Cost of a CeDiploma is $70.

Returning to the Mount

Please review the policy for returning to the Mount after being gone for a semester or longer. If you have not enrolled in any courses elsewhere AND if you have been gone two years or less, complete this form and return it to the Registrar’s Office as directed.


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