Student Life at ӣɬ

At the Mount, we are committed to ensuring students are active participants in the campus community by getting involved with the activities and student organizations that make up student life.

Student life is a series of University-sponsored programs and activities outside the classroom that add value to the college experience through experiential learning. These programs help students make a better connection to the campus community and the Mount, resulting in stronger academic performance and a greater overall satisfaction with their experience.

Student organizations work in tandem with the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership to create student life on campus. Our organizations are housed in the Student Organization Center, a collaborative space for student leaders to meet and plan campus-wide activities.

Programs on campus will help students:
        - Make connections
        - Learn transferrable skills
        - Complement their formal in-class education
        - Contribute to a positive campus environment for all students
        - Have fun!

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