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Connect with EmoJOEs

You can now download EmJOEs, a Joe Lion inspired set of emojis, to express your ӣɬ pride on Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, and texting. They are available for iOS or Android. Just follow the instructions below to find out how to download and use:


1.       Download the imojiapp onto your iOS device.

2.       Open it up and search for “emojoe.”

3.       Click each EmoJOE and add it to your collection.

4.       Select the keyboard in the upper right corner and follow the prompts to add the imojiapp to your phone’s keyboards.


1.       Download the imojiapp onto your Android device.

2.       Open it up and search for “emojoe.”

3.       Touch an EmoJOE and “favorite” it. You will have to repeat this step for each EmoJOE you would like to add to your collection.

4.       To use your EmoJOEs, touch the EmoJOE you would like to use. When the “Share” screen appears, choose the app you would like to share your EmoJOE on and follow the prompts.

*Android EmoJOEs must be used through the imojiapp. They cannot be used through the keyboards like iOS devices.