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Nothing Like a Cincinnati Opening Day

By Aidan Christy

Recently, major league baseball had its annual opening day, where teams play their first games of the season. It’s a special day for fans across the nation, but especially here in Cincinnati. We celebrate our own opening day with an opening day parade. Read more.


Take a Look Behind the Scenes to Appreciate the Unsung Crew in a Play

By Savannah Coomer and Theo Schulte

When you go to the theater to see a play or a musical you are likely focused on the story being told, the bright lights, the beautiful sounds and the incredible talent of the performers. While these are all the objectively correct reasons to see a performance, many people forget about the workers behind the scenes.  Read more.


Women's Volleyball Team Trip Will Combine Sport and Service

By Kayla Hess

Having the opportunity to travel outside the country and go on an excursion to a unique location is a rare experience for many people. However, ӣɬ’s women’s volleyball team has that opportunity.  Read more.


Culture Shock of Coming to the Mount Helped Him Be Inclusive in Ministry

By Jimmy Maupin '07 Dateline Guest Alum

I was not prepared for the crash course on diversity and inclusion I received upon arriving on campus.  Read more.


The Mount Watched the Total Eclipse in Awe

By Brinna Otto

On April 8, 2024, faculty, staff, and students gathered in the quad at 2:40 p.m. to watch the total solar eclipse that was scheduled to occur at 3:10 p.m. With blankets, friends, and protective glasses, the mount community was ready to witness the phenomenon of the moon covering the sun. Read more.


What It's Like to be an Historic Reenactor

By Max Wehrle

Reenactor (noun): a person who participates in reenactments of historical event according to the Webster definition. They don’t mention the hours of drill, the uncomfortable clothes, the blood and sweat put into each show, the friendships, the parties, or the bonds. Read more.


Class Spends Spring Break on Service Trip to Appalachia

By Jonathan Scherff

Dr. Elijah Prewitt-Davis’s class on Appalachia Culture & Spirituality was a seven-week course that dove deep into the history and culture of the Appalachian mountains and the people who call the region home. To tie the course together, we went on a service trip over spring break to spend the week with the Christian Appalachia Project (CAP) at Camp AJ in Mckee, KY. While with CAP, we worked with other student volunteers and project leaders to restore homes in need around the area. Read more.


A Farewell to a Favorite Professor

By Aidan Christy

The professors here at the Mount are some of the best mentors, teachers, and people I’ve ever met. They truly care about their students and want them to succeed. One example is Dr. Peter Robinson, a professor here at ӣɬ, teaching history. Read more.