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Applying for Need-Based Aid

Read about the steps for applying for need-based financial assistance.

Awarding for Federal (Title IV) Funds

Review the steps for awarding federal funds along with the packaging methodology for students.

Financial Aid Rights and Responsibilities

Read specific guidelines that apply to students receiving financial aid, and what a student must do in order to maintain financial aid.

Professional Judgment - Special Circumstances

Review examples of extenuating circumstances that may warrant consideration if a family situation has significantly changed after required information was provided on the FAFSA. 

Dependency Override

Review information surrounding dependency override, in rare circumstances, where a student may be considered independent even though he/she does not meet the FAFSA requirements to be considered independent.


Estimated Cost of Attendance

Review the standard estimates we use in calculating financial aid eligibility. They can be customized for variances in enrollment status and/or differences in tuition rates.



Federal processing center selects FAFSA filers for verification.  Find information regarding the necessary documentation to check the accuracy of the FAFSA information.


Drug Penalty Policy Statement

Find information on the period of ineligibility for students seeking financial aid who have been convicted of possession or sale of illegal drugs.


Federal Aid Refund

Read policies regarding federal aid refunds to students who withdraw from the University after classes have begun.

Financial Aid Code of Conduct

Find detailed information on the rules and regulations the University must follow when providing financial aid to students.


Satisfactory Academic Progress

Read the standards of satisfactory progress students must meet to qualify for federal and state financial assistance.


Tuition Exchange

Find information for parents working at other institutions whose children would like to attend the Mount.


HEOA Consumer Information

In accordance with the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), you can find complete consumer information on our website at .  For more information on HEOA, visit .