graduate student planning

ӣɬ offers students the exclusive opportunity to complete their traditional degrees in just three years instead of four. Choose from one of our undergraduate programs to find unique scheduling options that work for you. 

Full course loads each semester will challenge the student committed to earning their degree in three years. Save a year’s worth of tuition and gain the benefits of experiential education opportunities through co-op or service learning built into nearly every program.

Available Programs

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Accounting: The three-year accounting program emphasizes strong and versatile skills through the development of interpersonal proficiency, analytical abilities, and a solid understanding of ethics in the business environment.

Biochemistry: A three-year Biochemistry degree leads to a career in the biochemical or pharmaceutical industry; or continuing studies in medicine, dentistry, and other related fields.

Biology: A three-year major in biology prepares students for employment in biological sciences and provides them with an appreciation for the phenomenon of life.

Business: Students can choose from Financial Economics, Management, or Marketing within the three-year Business programs and gain valuable market skills led by the expert guidance of our faculty.

Chemistry: Within the three-year Chemistry program, students will develop skills in critical thinking and laboratory techniques that prepare them for work in healthcare fields and graduate studies.

Nursing: Within the accelerated three-year BSN pathway, students will move through a rich variety of classes, labs, and off-campus clinical experiences to become effective patient advocates and leaders in a variety of settings.

Psychology: The psychology three-year program provides excellent preparation for careers in mental health, child development, psychological research, and education.  This is a strong choice if you plan to pursue graduate school.

Pre-requisites are required and vary by program. Consistent meetings with academic advisors are strongly recommended. Summer courses follow an intensive, 6-week format. Three-year programs require taking courses year-round.